The most thoughtful gift I have ever received

The most thoughtful gift I have ever received

During the first Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, I was really confronted by the feeling of sudden isolation and my nervous system was on overdrive with all the fear and uncertainty. 

After a very tearful phone call with my brother Matthew, I tried to sleep, and woke the next morning to the most thoughtful, delightful message ever - a personal message from Miranda Hart to me!

Matthew knows that Miranda Hart is my all-time favourite, and remembered me saying ages ago that she was doing videos on Cameo. After our phone call, he arranged it and we were both blown away by how genuine and lovely Miranda's message was. 

I will never forget this video, but more so the thoughtfulness and care behind this gesture. Vulnerability is a risk, but receiving compassion and love in the midst of your darkest times makes it worth it. 

Here's the video - I hope it brings you joy too.


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